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PrauAhapratapa Maharaya, and reached Vaikuntha in Saka
1425,'Rudhirodgari. Then took place his younger brother
Krsnaraya's coronation.
Kobgu&sar'ajftkkaUn Caritram, 16-6-9, ff. ?9 f.
To this Bukkaraja was born Peda Ramappaya who ruled
with great splendour at Kandanur.
Karriatarnjya~vrttantainMf Journal of the Tehtgit Academy > x. pp, 194-5.
Mahamandalesvara Ramayadeva Maharaja, the son of
Mannepuli Bukkarajn, made a grant of some land to a certain
Narnala Panduga on Monday * Margagira ba. 11 S. S. 1420
Kalayukti, during the reign of Saluva Immadi Narasimha
Maharaya, while Narasa Nayaka Vodeya was governing the
kingdom as his deputy. The gift was made so that Immadi
Narasaraya, Karasa Nayaka, and the donor's father Mannepuli
Bukkaraju might obtain religious merit.
Kaijiyat of Yanamaladntala> L. R. 4, pp. 453-4.
At that time Savayi Bibbi, a subordinate  of the Barnani
Padshah who was ruling at Kaluburigi, was at Kandanavolu.
There was a chief of the Lunar dynasty called Bukkaraju at
iravidu, a village which stood on the banks of the river Citra-
va-fij at a distance of thirty miles to the west of Grandikota.f
He married two wives, Abbaladevi and Balladevi. The latter
gave birth to a son called Bamaraja who rose to be the
commander-in-chief of the armies of the kings of Vijayanagara.
* The date corresponds to Dec. 12 A.D. 1498. According to the inscription
Margasira bsu 11 falls on a Monday ; but in tne Ephemeris, it is said to fall on a Sunday.
1*The situation of Sravidu, as described in the Katjiyat^ does not seem to bd quits
accurate. There are two villages called AravSdu and Aravltii'oŁa in the RSyala SZma. The
former is included in the Rayachoti taluk of the Caddapah. district, and the latter'in
Cumlbum taluk of &e Knrnool district. The early history, of Sravi^u o!iŁ«^s etobodietj
ia tK*ir family chronicles associates them -with the Kuruool district-